5 Tips to Enhance Your Child’s Brain Development

The dream of every parent is to have a child who will be exceptional, brilliant, sharp and intelligent. If such dream must be actualized, Parent have a huge role to play. Studies have shown that brain development begins after conception ( Third Gestation week) and this continue through late adolescence, arguably through out life span. If any parent desired to have an intelligent child, it is imperative for such parent to help her child’s brain to develop well so that the child can attain a lofty height in all spheres of life.

However, here are some tips to enhance your child’s brain development;

1. Mother-child relationship – studies have shown that mother-child relationship during the preschool period is very vital to child’s brain development. This is a sensitive period when the brain responds to maternal support and this give rise to more growth in the hippocampus, a region in the brain associated with learning, memories and regulating emotions. Parent can achieve this feet in numerous ways, for example during breastfeeding, diaper changing and also when bathing the child.

2. Parenting Style – This is a psychological approach or method a parent adopt in child rearing. Out of the four major types of parenting style known, the authoritative parenting style is recognize to be more healthier in child rearing. Many researches have proven that this style foster brain development. What is authoritative parenting style? This is a parenting style where the parent adjust their expectations to the needs of the child, listen to the child even if he/she is not making sense, administer fair and warm punishment and also allow the child to explore. A more responsive parents enhance child cognitive development. Parent must not be too restricted, they should allow their child to interact with the enviroment and even play with other kids.

3. Good Nutrition – Nutritional deficiency is a syndrome that should be avoided by every parents especially during pregnancy. Approximately brain developments start 22 days after conception, deficiency in folic acid, vitamin A and copper can thwart the brain development at this level. After birth, a child needs to be well fed. Breast milk is an inevitable food for any parent who so desire to have a brilliant child. Numerous studies over the years have proven that good nutrition during childhood have a big impact on central nervous system development. For example synaptic connectivity (nerve cell that enables passage of electrical or chemical signal to another neuron) can be affected if malnutrition occurs between birth and 3 years of age.


4. Sound and visuals – Previous studies has found that brain developments in children can be enhanced if children are expose to sound and visuals like cartoon which centres around learning. In a research conducted by Michigan university, it was explained that children are attracted to the cartoon content more than the academic traditional way of learning, due to well written scenarios, audio and visual effects. This enables the child to absorbed more information more than that absorbed from a teacher in classroom. The study further revealed that child’s brain at early ages always seek new experience and this is what is delivered in cartoons. Children respond to characters in cartoons by trying to copy and imitate what they saw which include the modes of speaking, body language and even dress code.

5. Positive Reinforcement– This simply means an activities which can be used to strengthen a future or desirable behavior. It is important if parent can focus on behaviours, a child is doing right and things like clapping, hand shaking and praise chanting we go a along way in helping such a child to repeat the desirable behavior which will definitely be a major plus in enhancing the child’s brain development.


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