Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Axel Adler Scholarship to study the course, Educational Research at the University of Gothenburg, in which I am enormously interested. This scholarship is important to my study at University of Gothenburg because it will give me the wherewithal that I need towards pursuing my ultimate dream of having a master degree and being a professional in the field of Educational Research. It will be a privilege for me if I am considered because this process will enrich my knowledge and professionally outgrowth.

My previous academic experience made me a suitable candidate for this programme. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and also a Master’s Degree in the field of Education. Aside from this, I have a strong research interest in Educational concept, and this was displayed in my previous Master’s Degree thesis in Educational Psychology which focused on behavioural disorder modification among young school children. Over the years, I have successfully carried out many academic researches and also had a few published and accepted for publication in internationally renowned journals. Similarly, I have also published on many reputable platforms, articles that bothers on topical issues in the society. I am versatile and inquisitive. Taking up a hypothetical stance has always been my interest so that fact can be established.

 In addition, my ability to conduct thorough research with little or no supervision made me stand out. My wealth of knowledge in different forms of research design is an attribute that cannot be ignored because I have been mentored by first-class academic professionals who are well acclaimed internationally. My previous master’s degree programme which was thoroughly done for four years was supervised by a well-known international expert in the field of Educational Psychology. Aside from these stated undiluted facts, I am well vast in English language because the mode of instruction used at every level of education in my country is English language and it is even a prerequisite for admission and graduation.

Also, I have travelled internationally with family and friends on numerous occasions to few West African countries on academic sojourn and I am fully confident that these experiences and my open-mindedness make me an ideal and worthy candidate for a Master’s Degree scholarship in your reputable university. Furthermore, the educational standard in Sweden and University of Gothenburg made me resolved to apply for this position. I am of the opinion that schooling at University of Gothenburg will avail me the opportunity to increase my learning capacity and to adapt to different teaching and learning methods. This was particularly important to me, as I have always wanted to learn and teach educational concepts abroad. I strongly believe my academic tourism at the University of Gothenburg will be a wonderful experience because the university is a reputable institution that is well known internationally.

Finally, it is of no doubt that if I am considered, being a worthy and outstanding professional in the field of Educational Research will be my goal. This will definitely provide me with the set skills I need to contribute my quota to the growth and well-being of humanity.  I thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Yours faithfully,

Ayantoye Seye

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