Abagana Community Accuses Police of Poisoning Suspect Held In Detention

Hundreds of aggrieved youths from Abagana community in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State would have turned the death of one of their own in police detention, Late Chief Ebele Nwochu into total confrontation with Police and Ukpo community alleged to have a hand in their son’s death but for the intervention of the youth President Moses Muo­zoba, Agunechemba Abagana.
Abagana people accused the Anambra State police com­mand of masterminding the death of their son, late Chief Ebele Nwochu, while he was in detention at the Area Com­mand, Awka.
They also accused the police of unlawfully detaining 15 oth­ers including a woman till date over the land dispute between them and Ukpo community in Dunukofia council area which erupted on August 19, 2016. They claimed that the land in question belonged to Abagana but Ukpo was intimidating them to surrender their heritage because of their rich son Prince Arthur Eze.
The president of Abagana youths lamented the poisoning of their son late Nwochu who he said had a lot to remember him for in the community ac­cusing Ukpo and their wealthy son of masterminding the death of late Ebele, Ezu-Njikoka, Epo.
He asked those from Aba­gana supporting Arthur Eze to possess Abagana land and fanning the embers of violence to desist as the ancestral land would take revenge on them, lamenting that Ebele was grant­ed bail but police refused to release him. He informed that the late Ebele never went to the disputed land as his house was broken into by 2 am and by 2:30 am they arrived police station.
The President-General of the community, Chief Ben Ugha, also at the burial ceremony or­ganised for the deceased Friday at their family compound in Orofia village Abagana, alleged that the police took a bribe from a named multimillionaire from Ukpo community to in­timidate and unlawfully detain the residents of the community.
“He was granted bail by the court but police refused to re­lease him despite meeting bail conditions. Police refused to release him because they have been bribed,” he alleged.
Another community leader and a member of Abagana Elites and Professionals, Prof Godson Okafor, absolved Aba­gana community of terrorism allegations levelled against Abagana as reported in some sections of the media allegedly said by Anambra Commission­er of police, Sam Okuala.
Prof Okafor wondered why Abagana people should be called terrorists rather than Ukpo people and their spon­sors that invaded Abagana land.
He thanked the youths for listening to wise counsel not to destroy things or take ven­geance and follow the Abagana welfare union on its already planned mission to resolve the logjam. He added that the fam­ily of Late Ebele Nwochu would not be abandoned.

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