Egyptian TV Presenter Sentenced To Jail for Advising People On Pre-Marital Sex

A popular Egyptian television presenter Doaa Salah has been sentenced to three years in prison over a statement she made on her show that was deemed immoral.
A misdemeanor court in Cairo found her guilty of inciting debauchery and sentenced her to three years in prison including a 10,000 Egyptian Pound ($566) fine to be paid to a lawyer who filed the lawsuit against her, reports local news portal Ahram Online.

The episode of her “With Dody” show that got her in trouble was aired on private TV channel Al-Nahar in July when Doaa Salah discussed the choices of women to be single mothers.The show was suspended for three months by Egypt’s media union which said the discussion “promoted immoral ideas that are alien to our society and threaten the fabric of the Egyptian family.”

 They also accused her of performing “bizarre and controversial acts” on her programme including wearing a fake pregnant belly and opening her show with a bubble bath in a bathtub.
Another popular presenter on the same channel Reham Saeed was also suspended for three months for discussing extra-marital affairs by introducing a married woman and her lover. She has also been accused of exploiting stories for attention, resulting in two prison sentences for defamation which she narrowly escaped after appeals.

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