Hoodlums cut off P3nis of a Liberian man

Liberian man was left in blood and tears after his manhood was cut in broad daylight by unknown people.

According to Insight, the man was seen crying in excruciating pains with blood all over him as he lamented that some hoodlums had cut off his penis at the Duport Road Northeast of the country.

Eyewitnesses say the man who was in his 30s, had had his private part completely slashed by the unknown persons in the densely-populated community.

The witnesses say he was seen running toward the motor road from behind the Freddy Entertainment Center around the Duport Road Market area, crying profusely as blood poured from his shorts.

Upon reaching the road, the victim ran onto a moving bus in excruciating pains and with tears, generating the concerns and curiosity of the passengers on the commercial bus and was heard screaming that his penis had been cut off.

One Prince Railey who was one of the first to see the victim said:

“The man came with heavy running and bumped into the taxi. I heard him saying that the car should kill him immediately.”

Another eyewitness, James Mulbah, narrated that the man could not explain what had happened to him or what he did for his penis to be slashed.

“The man could not explain what happened to him immediately. He kept saying ‘It is hard to talk.’

The man fell right before the taxi, we were shocked. Later on, we discovered that too much blood was leaking from his trouser, and when he opened his trouser, we saw that his penis was cut.

When we asked him to explain what happened to him, all he could say was: “It is hard to talk my people.

He was still crying in severe pains until an ambulance came and took him away.”

The victim was reportedly taken to the state-owned John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Sinkor, a suburb of Monrovia, for treatment

However, other residents thought the man could be a thief who was caught in the act and had his manhood cut off.

One Jackson Perry said:

“For me, this man must be a thief. Probably, he had gone to steal from someone and he was caught in the process and the person treated him in such a ghastly manner.”

Foday Subah, another eyewitness, said:

“The man might have been caught in a ‘jolly-jolly sexual safari’ with somebody’s woman.

That could be the reason why such an evil thing was done to him. It is just hard to determine the actual cause of the incident, as the victim himself did not say anything.”

Some others still, believe he could have been caught while raping a woman for such a punishment to be meted on him.

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