I Can Run APC Better Than Oyegun, His Leadership Has Failed -Timi Frank

Embattled deputy national publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Frank, has once again called for the resignation of the party’s national chairman, John Oyegun.

In a statement on Tuesday, Frank said he could run the party better than Oyegun.

He said it was shameful that the National Working Committee of the party led by Oyegun postponed its forthcoming convention.

He said it was a breach of the party’s constitution if the convention failed to take place at the date earlier fixed.

“I have said it in the past that if I am given opportunity I can run APC better than Oyegun. His leadership has failed. How can NWC under him fix a date for national convention when they knew they didn’t have money? Who did they consult before they picked that date? This is shameful, now they are coming back to reverse the date. It means they are not prepared.

“But if this national convention does not hold it means the national working committee has breached the constitution of the party because the party law is very clear on when the convention should hold.

 “Nobody will trust Chief Oyegun because of his mismanagement of party fund in the past and that is why our governors cannot release money for the party.

“Like before, I’m still warning that unless Chief Oyegun resign as APC national chairman, I don’t think the party can progress with this present situation.

“The postponement of convention has shown that even as a party we can not keep our own word. So, how do you expect Nigerians to trust the party.

“I’m calling on prominent members of the party who are still keeping quiet to speak up or else, this mismanagement might lead the party to unexpected end.”

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