IPOB Are Terrorists-Nigerian Government


The government of Nigeria insists that Indigenous People of Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu, their leader, must be called and treated as terrorists. This question should never be discussed again, he says.

Lai Mohammed, the Nigerian Minister of Information, talked about this in an interview with BBC Focus Africa on October 27, 2017. He was also disappointed that the United States did not share the Nigerian government`s opinion about IPOB.

“All statements and acts of Indigenous People of Biafra are real were acts of the terrorist organization. Nnamdi Kanu was recorded saying that they wanted to get Biafra by force. If they fail to get Biafra, Somalia will be a heaven with the kind of disorder,” the minister stated.

Lai Mohammed also added that Nigeria was very disappointed on the US official position on IPOB. “It is very unlucky. If countries make a decision to choose which organizations can be called terrorists and which cannot, every state must collaborate to guarantee that terrorism does not struggle,” told Lai Mohammed.

The BBC journalist asked him why more aggressive groups similar to armed herdsmen who have murdered hundreds of Nigerians were not named terrorists.

“I told you that when any group of people makes a decision to set up a parallel government; when a group of people frankly asks for arms all over the world; when a group of individuals publishes own passport and currency, and there is not anything wrong…then it turns into a different thing,” added Lai Mohammed.

The journalist also asked whether he worried that IPOB could be driven underground, become a militarized militant because he called them terrorists. Mohammed immediately answered that Nigeria was so breakable that if they allowed that type of things to continue and there were retaliation attacks on other parts of Nigeria, the entire country would be endangered.

Source: Biafra News.

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