Jude Idada Explains How Omoni Oboli Stole His Script

Famous Nollywood filmmaker and actress, Omoni Oboli, was left in tears last night as a court order stopped the premiere of her highly publicised movie, Okafor’s Law. Omoni was sued by her former collaborator, Jude Idada, who accused her of stealing his script.

Back in September 2016, the Canada based award winning writer, Jude claimed that Omoni Oboli stole his story and idea for “Okafor’s Law.”
He said that Omoni and her husband, Nnamdi, invited him over in 2014, and that they told him about their new project “Okafor’s Law.” According to Jude, in a chat with TNS, he ‘let his guard’ down, and shared ideas with Omoni’s husband, Nnamdi Oboli.

According to Jude, they offered him the scripting contract, which he accepted, and after some deliberation charged 750,000 naira and demanded for a contract. “If I’m going to do it, this time, I want a contract,” he claimed that he said to them.
“They didn’t give me a dime. I went ahead and wrote this thing. So while I was writing, I had to travel to Kamapala. I traveled to Kampala and lost all I had written. I reached out to them and told them, ‘this is the situation, but I will still write it.’
“So I rewrote the story. Meanwhile, I asked Omoni ‘where is the contract.’ Everyday there was a long story. They didn’t send me no contract, they didn’t send me no money,” he continued.

He said further that Fabian Lojede advised him to write a contract himself, and forward to the Obolis. “I wrote the contract, and I called Nnamdi over the phone. I said ‘Nnamdi, I have sent you the contract, let me know when you sign it. He said ok, ‘I will get back to you.’ No acknowledgment of this contract, these people just went blank.”
In the contract I sent to them, I said to them, Okafor’s Law is yours, but the story is mine, the characters, the log line is mine, everything is mine. If at the end of the day, you don’t want to go ahead with the script, I will take everything and give you “Okafor’s Law,” because that’s all you have contributed.

He said that when the Obolis didn’t turn up, after a month and a half, he gave the script to a friend of his (Chioma), who loved the story. He said that the Obolis found out about his deal with Chioma, and told people he stole their story.
“In 2016, they started shooting, and someone said to me ‘they are shooting Okafor’s Law. Then somebody brought the script, and Chioma said to me ‘this is your script that they are telling.’ When I read the story, I saw that it was my story. All she did was change the names, but it was essentially my story,” Idada added.

He also revealed that before Omoni started filming, Chioma had started auditions for her own movie with the script, with actors like Emmanuel Ikubese, Beverly Naya, Zainab Balogun all involved.
Jude also said that after the movie was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival, he wanted to sue, but changed his mind because he didn’t want to portray Nollywood in bad light to the world.

But he decided again to speak up when he heard that Oboli was going around telling people that he tried to steal her script.

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