Love Play: My Special Effect, By Seye Ken

Friend: Hw far bros

Ken: Am ok

Friend: Bros you have stop coming to our canteen, what happen?

Ken: Alot happened bro

Friend: Alot?

Ken: Yes, I met reality and i became wise

Friend: Baba stop talking in parable Jo

Ken: Lol…. But you went to school nw? Anyway let me help your ignorance. I never knew I was lost until I was shown the way. I met this lovable specie, she possess an unquestionable character and a golden heart. Nothing about her is hypothetical. She’s a rare gem and my catalyst to that glorious future. When we first met I think she only has a beautiful outward but her inward being is extremely beauteous.

Friend: Ogami please come and sit, let me buy you a drink, I want to hear more

Ken: Of course am going to tell you more but I can’t tell you all because no enough word can be used to describe her nomenclature. She is a natural refined product, everything about her is far from imperfection. Her person is synonymous to excellence. Everything about her is distinct, no lady can measure-up to her status of beauty. She does not look like them because she is royal and honorable. She’s my second, minute and hour, every of my thoughts revolves around her just because she’s my heartbeat.

Friend: Hmmmm!!!! am jealous

Ken: You should be, i even pity you and others

Friend: Why do you pity us sir?

Ken: Because my babe is one of a kind. God has refused to make her duplicate. She is virtuous and loyal, intelligent and gifted, generous and kindhearted, classic and well-lettered. Don’t forget, she’s the most gorgeous.

Friend: Bros your babe has got it all, you have every reason to pity us. But sir, you have not answer my first question

Ken: Yeah!!! O ya let me tell you why I stopped coming to your side to buy food. I used to believe your food here is the best until my gal invalidated it, my taste bud changed after I ate her food. My babe cooking skill’s is second to none and timeless. If you care to hear, she’s a very good and outstanding cook, I doff my cap for her; she’s too exceptional. However if you care, I can crave for her indulgence, so she can take you people some catering lesson.

Friend: I don hear you. let me even see her picture

Ken: Picture? O ya come and feed your eyes on the best thing you’ve ever seen.

Friend: Chaii!!!! This your babe is so cute oh. She’s the best thing I have ever gazed truly. She’s a queen, she possess an admirable beauty, in a most delightful composition of majesty and modesty. She’s adorable, exquisite, and classy.

Ken: Ese Ese Ese……….laugh!!!

Ken: I must confess, I so much love her and cannot even trade her for anything. I have looked up into the stars and match each one with a reason why I love her, to my surprise, I ran out of stars. I wish I could have met her long time ago. My love for her is endless. Eternity, forever, unending are all words that mean alot more since I met her . She’s my moonlight because she illuminate my world and chased off every dark spots in my life. She’s my rainbow because she’s naturally beautiful, being with her is like finding treasure. The symphony that proceed from her sexy voice is sweeter than honey, my heart feels like a bird taking off in the air every time she smile; her sense of humor is on point. Falling in love with her is definitely the first step towards rising in life.

Friend: My guy I can truly deduce that you are really in love but what is even the name of this your soulmate.

Ken: You mean the name of my heartbeat?

Friend: Yes nw

Ken: Before I tell you the name of my damsel, let me intimate you with some fact about her. She is a Chattered business woman, very industrious, creative and innovative. She’s a potential world class fashionista. she’s a seven star Chef and above all, very reserved.

Friend: Bros tell me her name nw

Ken: Her name is “MY IDEAL WOMAN”

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