Most Of My Married Colleagues Still Cheat – Actress Sapphire Ogodo

The actress made the affirmative disclosure in a recent interview with SunNews. She said most of her colleague’s marriages are breaking up because they are arrogant and unfaithful to their spouses.

“Most of these celebrities never wanted marriage, they just wanted to try and see if the society would accept them. When they are with their spouses, they would keep other men in different places to satisfy themselves.

They are always with one Senator or the other, or attending one society party or the other. After seeing and mingling with all those big men, they get home and their husband says one thing, they respond with one thousand things because they are not seeing the sexiness in him again. We need to retrace our steps,” she added.

On the issue of domestic violence, the mother of two said: “Women should generally learn how to be submissive to their husbands. The feminist and ego raves have taken over the industry. Every woman wants to be a man and be in charge.

Your husband raises his hand on you, for nothing? No! He can’t. He is not a beast. Tell us, what did you do? Already you are an actress, so your husband always have it in mind that you have tendencies to cheat, so he is always on the look out. So, you have to be careful.”

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