Mr President, Are You Still The Mr Buhari We Voted For? By Seye Ken

“How far guy, has our president traveled on medical vacation again?”

“You mean your Church president?”


“Then which of your president?”

“General Muhammad Buhari (rtd). The man I honestly voted for”

“But why do you ask such question?”

“Don’t  get me wrong here, am not trying to play on your intelligence but rather I try to seek answer for things that have been bordering my inner man or do you think if I know I will consult you for a response, you know am not daft now.”

“Bros he’s fully around and active. So please why do you ask that your question?”

“Because he doesn’t look like he’s the one running the show, perhaps he’s busy in the other room.

Busy ke? When he knows his only duty, which is, to serve Nigerians with all his strength and also to provide good governance.”

“But it doesn’t look like he is doing this because from the way I perceive things, is like the man is playing hide and seek game with Nigerians. Since the man became president he has only engaged in just one presidential chat with journalist on National television, and this medium is very important to the populace because it will enable them to interact with their president and also know if the president truly feels their pain.”

“Apart from this, many incidents have happened, in which the citizens deserve an explanation from the president, but he’s always quiet. Even if at all he’s not vocal like Donald Trump he can at least say something to Nigerians, moreover we saw him during campaign before 2015 presidential election.”

“Bros you dey vex oh”

“Of course I am not too happy when most times the people don’t even know the president’s position on many national issues. We all remember the incident of Babachir Lawal, the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation who was alleged to have engaged in misappropriation of funds and violation of due process and that of DG NIA. It took the president forever to respond and it was even more than three months the committee set up to investigate this, came out with their recommendation. We thank God that eventually our president has taken a bold step to disengage the duo. I hope the president will be able to manage the new twists to the disengagement as some want the president to disregard the recommendation of the Presidential Committee led by the Vice-President and wait for the report of EFCC and other institutions concerns. But my utmost concern in the whole scenario is that for how long are we going to wait on an issue before Mr. President takes necessary actions? Since we are all aware in Nigeria that an allowance to delay an action is an opportunity to permeate more atrocities and further widen the jurisdiction of the corruption. Many key administrative positions have been bastardized and some are still vacant. And for God’s sake we expect our president to be talking and taking timely action.”

“Is that all?”

“Not at all, when the president was campaigning, he sounded like a proactive president in making but little has been seen regarding this, many ministers in his cabinet are only marking their presence just to fulfill constitutional prerequisite of one minister per State. Many of these people have remained dormant and the president is so calm about it, this is unfair to Nigerians.”

“His Silence style of leadership is synonymous to pride. Many Nigerians want their president to speak to them and act fast on national issues.”

“But his spokesmen have been talking now.”

“I don’t know why you love to stir up the anger in me. Did I voted for his spokesmen or the president? And by the way you want me to listen to people like Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu and be satisfied? Do you really live in this country? These two guys are just one of the failures of this administration; they can be confusing and annoying. For example, I listen to Shehu’s remark on Maina episode, where he claimed that Maina was brought back to government and reinstated by the People’s Democratic Party. I am highly disappointed in the man, what proceed from his buccal cavity is the least expected.”

“Hmm! It seems your message is adding sense”

“If you like call it noise, it won’t deter me from saying my mind. However, let’s talk about the recent happenings between Baru and Kachukwu, a situation public analysts have tagged the ‘most embarrassing’, everybody expects the president which is even directly involved as the substantive minister of petroleum to take a convincing stand on the issue not even when the spokesman for NNPC was seen insulting a cabinet minister, a man who is saddled with responsibility of supervising and coordinating a ministry which NNPC happens to be a parastatal under.”

“So what are you trying to say here”

“Thank you for the question, let me answer so my position can add more sense. It’s now evident that nothing significantly has changed in the way our public institutions operate. We have always had a public institution saturated with impunity and this has been replicated in Kachukwu Versus Baru saga, the Abdulrasheed Maina reinstatement palaver. We all remember the budget padding parol and so on. So tell me, where is the integrity we hope for in this government.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there is nothing good about President Buhari and his administration but the president has really “fall my hand” when it comes to integrity virtues I know him for. Even the anti-corruption crusade Mr president stands for has been wallowing in shambles, the EFCC keeps making noise with nothing to show. At this point, I’m unequivocally doubting the president’s capability for governance. I began to doubt Mr president when he refused to stand by his word, when he promised to publish recovered loots and the looters.”

“During President Muhammadu Buhari Inaugural speech he promised to represent the interest of all Nigerians irrespective of their ethnicity, religion and political orientation, I remember the popular phrase of ‘I belong to everybody and belong to nobody’ but this statement has failed the test of time. Nnamdi Kanu and his biafrans followers were branded terrorists and chased to exile while the Fulani’s herdsmen keeps sucking and enjoying Nigerians blood from bassa in Plateau state to different part of the country and no concrete steps from the president to curtail these vampires; I am not just impressed with the president’s attitude towards this. If the president can deal with militants, Boko haram and the coward warrior, Nnamdi Kanu then why can’t he do same with these cattle rustlers, pls sir, be sincere with us.”

“Mr president the only part of you that is far appreciated by me is your wife, Mrs. Aisha, she is just too sincere even though you put her in the other room. She has refused to be a hypocrite and maybe you should start listening to her, perhaps her counsel can be worthwhile than the carnivorous homo sapiens you surround yourself with. Sir I no dey feel you again likewise many other Nigerians.” Oga President sir, we need you to reassure us that voting you as our president and saviour is not a 21st century mistake!



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