Mr President; When are you Coming Home? By Seye Ken

Since Mr President left for London on what he called a short vacation. Many opinions coupled with rumour has been manufactured especially when the president declared he was going on a medical adventure. Just as political speculation started to lose its validity and reliability about the president vacation, the president sent a letter to the national assembly that he will be extending his stay. With this I believe the political sleeping dog has just been woken up from hibernating and I must confess I pity  Mr femi adesina, the special adviser on media to the president on vacation. I guess this is the time for him to exhibit his spoken prowess to convince and calm the nerves  of Nigerians who think the government of the day is taking them for a ride, I wish him good luck. Even though,  some politicians and presidential cabinet members has continue to defend and even explain to Nigerians the motive behind  president medical tourism but it seems people are not satisfied with their postulation because they  want to hear their president speak.

Personally, I believe Nigerians should remember that Mr President is also a human being like them who can break down any time moreover ‘body no be firewood’ but even at this, I also have the notion that Mr President is far from the people who went through storm to give him their mandate. The last time I counted the presidential chat, Mr President has had with the press on National TV since his emergence I think is not up to three (3). Emphatically there has been so many lacuna before he went away which Nigerians has conspicuously frown at.

However, the letter Mr President sent to the national assembly about the extension of his vacation is believed not to be detailed. People expect the president to tell them when he will be coming back or is he on sabbatical leave? we need to know. Nigerians deserve to know the health status of their president so that their prayers can be well channel. The presidency must come forward and tell us what we don’t know; we need to be convinced. Afterall we have a National TV Mr President can use to communicate to the nation even in London.

As a good citizen we must not failed to pray for our leaders even when they don’t practice what they preached. I vividly remember how it all went during Mr President campaign, he was talking hope and we never saw the ‘Phariseestic’ nature in him. All we foresee then was a president who will believe in Nigeria health system, and get his body examined by a Nigeria doctor here in the country.

A country like Nigeria can’t afford to have their president stay out of the country for long especially not in this crucial time when inflation keep rising and the fear of the unknown has encapsulated the people. As a mater of fact when a leader travel like this the government will apparently go on hiatus. Though we have an  Acting President, but the question I keep asking is that, does the constitution make a provision for the acting president to fully function just like the president?

There is no doubt that the president absence is slowing things down, the acting capacity syndrome is the order of the day. Acting president, Acting Chief Justice, Acting EFCC Chairman and so on. If every great country we have today runs their government like this perhaps there won’t be good point of reference for us. With the way government is being run this days, the future is at stake.

I want to wish our darling president a quick recovery and I hope we don’t see another letter of extension even though the president was very smart in the letter he sent to the assembly because no date was even stated for his coming. So I guess we might now be expecting our president like a thief in the night (National suspense). Mr femi adesina in the peak of wisdom said Nigerians are the people owing the president arrears of leave because the president has deficit of leave days he didn’t spent last year. This statement shows the way government sees the people.

As the president continue to enjoy debt of leave days the citizens were owing him, someone should tell him that the only thing that has continue to change since he left us to our fate is the  ‘CHANGE’ he promised. 1 dollar has risen to 500 Naira, governors are still owing, Fulani herdsmen keeps sucking blood like vampire, Magu hasn’t been confirmed, inflation is biting hard and people keeps dying of hunger.

Mr president we await your return from your vacation which i believe can double as a retreat. We want to see the manifestation of your CHANGE mantra. We need you now more than ever and don’t forget sir you still have some faithful that believe in the mandate but sir when are you coming home because it is hot here.

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