New Video (must watch): Eight Major things Stephanie Otubo Revealed About Apostle Suleiman

1. She said Apostle Suleiman told her that his wife was no more attending to him sexually

2. She said she was Apostle Suleiman confidant.

3. She said Apostle Suleiman gave her money and promised to marry her

4. She said she got pregnant for the Apostle that is why the Apostle wanted to kill her.

5. She said she still have all the pictures they took together during their sexual activities.

6. She said all what happen between her and Apostle Suleiman is not a blackmail.

7. She said she fell for Apostle Suleiman because she believe all he said since he’s closer to God than her.

8. She said going to prison is the way God has punished her because she had an affairs with a married man.

Watch the video below


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