PDP Form Alliance With Another Party To Win Election

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) led by Senator Ahmed Makarfi in Lagos State has today announced its alliance with the Labour Party (LP), to contest the July 22 local government elections. While addressing the press in Lagos, today, Mr Moshood Salvador said, “We are all not unaware of the leadership problem rocking our party, for which we are awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court to end the crisis. This is why the party needs experienced, knowledgeable and an articulate leadership at all levels.”

“By extension, the Ali Modu Sheriff group of Lagos PDP also took advantage of the crisis, connived with APC to reduce the chances of PDP’s success in the coming Lagos State council election. They came with several violent actions to disturb the smooth running of Salvador-led PDP administration in Lagos State. But with Salvador’s leadership quality and experience, he refused to be distracted and foiled their plans.”

Salvador then encouraged, “all lovers and sympathisers of PDP in Lagos State to cast their vote for the Labour-PDP alliance and vote Labour Party. It is an alliance. We never decamped to any Party. We never declared for another Party and we never dumped our dear PDP. We are the PDP strength in Lagos State. In this Pre-electoral alliance, we have 342 Councillorship candidates and 52 Chairmanship candidates.”

“As from this very moment, I now declare that all our candidates must start pasting their posters, commence the house-to-house campaigns and educate electorate on the circumstance of our using Labour Party for this Council election only. The LGA Chairmen, the Ward Chairmen and all our LCDA Chairmen must start work tirelessly to educate the public on this Council election and work closely with all their Labour Party counterparts and candidates in their various Local Governments.”

“The Sheriff group broke the promises immediately it was made. They knew that they are less than 10% of the PDP membership in Lagos State. This shows why they only believe in violence for every move made and they lack quality and reliable leadership with no visible elders and leaders. The people of Lagos are very ready to vote PDP into Power at this Local government election, because APC did nothing to the people at the Local government level.”

“All Local government roads are bad, no community health care centers again, no sanitation/environmental service again and so on. This is why we are determined and ready to make the positive change in all the local government areas and the local council development areas. We also pledge that we will not disappoint the public when voted into power.”

“I refuse to be distracted, the Makarfi group of PDP under the leadership of Hon. Moshood Salvador has refused to allow their teaming members disenfranchised. If legal solution is being delayed, we have taken to political solution to form a political alliance. Political alliance is an agreement for cooperation between different Political Parties on common Political agenda, often for the purpose of contesting an election.”

“We are PDP any day and anytime. We only have a Pre-electoral Political alliance with Labour Party to contest this coming Local Government election only. This is not the first time of this type of alliance in Nigeria.” The crisis in the PDP seem not to be ready to go away any time soon, however, the people will wait to see if the alliance will be beneficial or drive the already embattled party into more chaos.

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