Must Read: 4 Friends Murdered Their Business Associate, Ripped Out His Heart For Ritual

Four suspected ritualists have been arrested by the anti-kidnapping squad of the Oyo State Police command for allegedly killing a man and dismember his body for the purpose of money rituals.

The suspects, according to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Abiodun Odude, lured their victim, Akintoye Stephen Oyeyemi aged 33, a forest under the pretext of doing business, gunned him down and dispossessed him of his bag containing N100,000.

After killing the victim, the suspects, Tunde Jimoh and Gbenga Babalade, on discovery that he had only N100,000 instead of N10m he promised to come with, decided to cut his body and remove his heart, private part, his two wrists and legs and took it to an herbalist who had earlier told them to bring the body parts.

While parading the suspects at the Oyo State Police headquarters, the CP Odude said the “duo of Jimoh and Gbenga Babalade lured their victim, robbed him of the sum of N100,000 and gruesomely murdered him in clod blood.”.

“Having killed the victim, the suspects removed his body parts including the heart, head and wrists for ritual purpose. When the wife did not see her husband, she became apprehensive and raised alarm. She then reported the case at Atiba Police Station.”

“A diligent investigation conducted by the special squad led to the arrest of one Abubakar Agbool in his criminal hideout at Ipe, Village, Kwara State. His arrest further led to the arrest of three other suspects in their various criminal hideouts in Offa, Kwara State and Ile-Ife, Osun State.”

 Odude continued, “during interrogation, two of the suspects, Tunde Jimoh and Gbenga Babalade who actually murdered the victim dislosed that they killed him because they believed he had in his possession the sum of N10m for the business as he was overhead saying during his conversation with one Olayinka Babalade another business partner two days earlier. They also revealed that after killing him, they decided to remove the vital organs for money rituals.
They poured alcohol on the severed parts of his body to preserve it”.

How we killed him-suspects
One of the suspects, Tunde Jimoh gave a vivid picture of how he killed the victim said, “I am business man who deal in cashew nuts. My brother’s friend came to him and said he would pay the sum of N10m for a business transaction. He promised to bring N10m.

When he was saying this, my friend was with me, he then sold an idea to me that we should kidnap him and rob him of the money. The victim called us that he was coming to Ajase, it was there we kidnapped him. After moving deep into Igbo Nla(forest), I parked the bike that we used.”.

 “I then pointed the gun at him. He was afraid and surprised. He then said is it because of the money I have on me you want to kill me. He then dropped his bag and started running away. I shot and killed him. We then took his bag and found only N100,000 and some clothes.

We felt guilty when we discovered this. But, we had no option. I then told my friend that let us take his body parts to that Alfa as earlier discussed. But, when we got to Alfa he was angry with us saying he had told us he didn’t have interest in helping us again. But, when we begged him, he told us to throw the head away and used alcohol to peserve the wrists, heart, legs. That was when the police arrested us”

Another suspect, Babalade also said exactly the same thing his partner-in-crime said. He narrated that they killed the victim at Igbo Nla at Offa, Kwara State.

But, Mr. Abubakar Agboola, a 65 year old man, who one of the suspects said directed him to Alfa for money rituals denied it saying he never gave sucha advice to him to go and kill a human being to get riches.
The third suspect, Olatunji Ahmed, the Alfa who doubles as the herbalist also gave account of how they came to him initially but refused to cooperate with them when they brought human body parts.

How we got the gun
Speaking with Saturday Vanguard how he got the gun, he said, “we saw a Fulani herdsman herding his cattle. We were chatting with him and we negotiated to buy the gun he was carrying. He then agreed to sell it to us for N13,000 but removed the bullets in it.

After then, he advised us to buy the bullets saying what is the use of a gun without bullets. I told him he should give us the bullets asking why we should buy gun and bullets separately. It was then he volunteered to give us the bullets.”

The items found with them, according to the police, include one cut-to-size barrel gun, one long single barrel gun, two live cartridges, two expended live cartridges, an axe, three knives, deceased car key, hand bag, sandal and belt, one unregistered motorcycle, one empty bottle of Aromatic Schnapps- the content of which was used to preserve the severed body parts, N40,000 and criminal charms.
Other items include severed heart of the deceased, two severed wrists and headless body of the victm.

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