Stop Tarnishing Men Of God, Uche Maduagwu Blasts Daddy Freeze

Uche Maduagwu,a nollywood actor, has slammed Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze, over his continuous attack on men of God. The actor told ‘Freeze’ to focus on his job as an OAP, instead of looking for Men of God to pull down.

The actor alleged that Daddy Freeze, fabricated lies against the general overseer of Winners Chapel, Bishop Oyedepo, and delights pleasure in tarnishing the image of Men of God in Nigeria.

The actor further asked the OAP in his letter to the “King of Sheep”, who made him a spokesman for Christians, as the Bible even said “judge not”.

Here’s what he wrote:

A letter to the king of sheep’s: Please stop pulling down great men of God in Nigeria… You are someone I respect so much but I’m beginning to wonder why you love criticizing men of God!

If I may ask sir, have you ever been sexually molested by a clergyman? If no, then why are you always writing trash about different men of God?

You had said all manner of evil things against my Pastor, the General overseer of The Redeemed Christian church of God,(RCCG), a great man of God, who had dedicated all his life to serving God and humanity, you had also fabricated lies against the general overseer of Winners Chapel, and now you are tarnishing the image of another great man of God just because a girl accused him wrongly of having an affair with her.

Please what do you stand to gain by pulling down this men of God? Are you a saint? Who made you a spokesman for Christians? Even the bible clearly states that “judge not”… So why do you take pleasure in condemning these men of God?

Or have you forgotten that even the Vice President of Nigeria is also a PASTOR? Please, this has to stop, focus on your O.A.P job and let the sheep’s free themselves, that’s even if they are in bondages in the first place. You are not God, neither are you perfect, so please sir, let this stop.

Stop criticizing the administration of President Buhari, stop criticizing the great men of God in Nigeria, please sir stop it.

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