The Nollywood Scripted Prophecy, By Seye Ken

The beginning of every year is a time filled with expectations, vows, and new resolutions. This period is always an opportunity for pastors to give divine directions to their followers. Also, it is a time General Overseers of Churches do come up with themes; which is always designed for the year in view. Some pastors go further to share what they claimed to be “God’s revealed prophecies” for the nation. In time past, this has generated a ‘mixed reaction’ among people. This is because people see some of these prophecies as human calculations.

The anticipated new year is here and it won’t be interesting without the fairytales statement called ‘prophecy’ by some men of God. This is because this has been our norm in this religious society where men of God dish out different prophecies to the populace in order to wet their appetite about the forthcoming events that will unfold within the year. In fact, some pastors dish out visions like soothsayers, with the hope of harvesting the money of their congregation. This year is not an exception, as many prophecies have been said by various pastors, and it is on record again just like this concluded previous year. Going by what happened last year, some prophecies were also said, of which that year is over now and those things prophesied about that year have gone unfulfilled just like the Nigeria budget.

As a Christian, I still believe there are men of God who are truly called by God, although some are convinced into the profession by their personal instincts or circumstances but unfortunately they all add prefixes like Prophet, Bishop, or even Pastor to their names which makes it difficult to separate the yolk from the albumen. The funny scenario in Nigeria is that some pastors called God (God didn’t call them), some even missed God’s call, some joined pastor-hood because of unemployment. The reasons for becoming a clergy reflect in their mouthwatering visions. This piece is not targeted or directed at any man of God because as a good Christian, I believe in the bible passage that says “Saying, Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm” (1 chronicles 16:22). In line with this, I totally subscribe to the fact that men of God must be respected as sacred species of God. While some genuinely pray, some see their congregation as prey. However, they are meant to be the mouthpiece of God and heavenly clued words of God are revealed to them so that they can relate it to people who have not gotten the spiritual gift. Over the years, many things have gone wrong and people now look at prophecy especially for the country as mere predictions because the previous ones prophesied lacks internal validity. Since it does not hold water it is mostly seen as nursery rhymes. The previous Nigeria general election and the America election outcome has proved that we have some titled men of God clothed with deceit. But that is a detailed matter for another day

Further, I have tried to evaluate some prophecies that have been said about the previous years and I just can’t stop laughing because they are just contradicting, annoying, and un-divine. Looking at the way some of these were being conjured you will agree with me that it’s another annual exercise. When you see words like “some big politicians will die”, “the country’s economy we move from recession to depression”, “three Nollywood top stars will die”, “Boko Haram will strike again” and so on, one will begin to wonder if this is coming from God or man. As a Christian who is familiar with the Christian manual (bible), we know that God is always specific when he reveals things to believers, and if we are to juxtapose the word of prophecy said by great men of God in the bible with what some clergymen called prophecy today you will not argue because the difference is clear. God does not speak hypothetically and he will never do.  Like I said earlier, I am not criticizing any pastor here or sounding here like “Daddy Freeze” but this is just a clarion call to awake people so that they don’t continue to digest chunk feed into their system.

As we continue to live in a world where Christians have been indoctrinated and colonized by church doctrines and not by the principles and preset of the bible, it is imperative for pastors to be careful about what they dish out to their congregation. Thus, it will surely have a great effect on their body, spirit, and soul. Frankly speaking, I salute the guts of some pastors speaking base on assumptions especially on the state of the nation but, at the same time, I blame their ignorance which is shrouded in sentiment and guesswork.

To wrap up this piece, men of God who are guilty of this should retrace their steps and stop embarrassing themselves because God is not an author of confusion and none of his words will go unfulfilled. God works with facts not hypotheses of men. Please I beg “una” stop giving us Nollywood scripted prophecy and chaff.

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