The Problem of Nigeria Is Not From God But Bad Leadership-Obasanjo

Former Nigeria President Olusegun on Monday disclosed that God has no hand in the problems facing the country presently.

Speaking at the 38th Kaduna International Trade Fair Seminar, Obasanjo linked the country’s nightmare to bad leadership.

He urged Nigerians to stop blaming God for the nation’s woes.

Obasajo said, “somebody came to me and said we need to pray to God and I said, for what? He said, so that God can do for us, what we cannot do for ourselves. And I said, no, let us stop troubling God, because God has done all we need for us, we only need to play our own part.

“But, if we must pray to God, our prayer should be that God should not take away all He has given us as a nation.

“God in His mercy has given us all the needed resources, both human and natural, but we have not been able to put them together and manage them effectively.

“The countries that have developed and are performing better are not better than Nigeria in terms of resources.

“One problem that must be corrected is the problem of leadership. This is because our leaders lack focus, commitment, continuity and sometimes proper knowledge about economic and development issues, hence we have not been able to achieve meaningful result.

“Another problem is that, we take one step forward and another step backward. Nigerian leaders must be tough and ready to bite the bullet, because Nigeria cannot have it easy. Until we get the right leadership, the problem will continue.”


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