Why I Can’t Marry A Muslim – Nazareth Bako

No doubt, one of the most serious issues on the mind of Nollywood Fulani blooded beauty, Nazareth Jesse Bako is marriage. If nothing else has given her away, her father’s presence on her last birthday to pray for husband for her sure did. It’s been over a year and it seems those prayers didn’t fall on some listening ears despite the actress claiming that she gets countless marriage proposals every year.

“Yes, I still get many marriage proposals but I must choose the one that is in the same faith with me. I can’t afford to lose my faith because of marriage,” she told Potpourri in a recent chat on why she’s still single. Obviously referring to men of Islamic faith, she added, “I know marriage is about understanding but most of those coming to me are only looking for who to convert and still marry other women. I want to be the only wife. First and last lady for my man. Even if I am to marry Dangote’s son I will still want to be the only one to my husband. It’s really not easy sharing one’s husband. If someone like IBB who I respect so much had just one wife, why can’t I be favoured to be the only one to my husband.”

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