‘Why I’m Still Not Married’ – Faze

Former Plantation Boiz member, Faze, was recently hosted at rhythm fm Bayelsa where he revealed why he’s yet to tie the knot. Originality crooner also said that he was finding it difficult to find the kind of woman he would like to get married to. Despite that most of his contemporaries have been long married, Faze says that he was not under any pressure whatsoever to settle down.

He also said that his getting married was in God’s hands as he was busy thinking about his forthcoming album at the moment.

He said, “It’s in the making. I’m letting God take over because it’s not easy to get a perfect woman not to talk of a perfect man. Right now, I’m concentrating on my album which is almost ready; it’s just the collaborations with artistes that’s delaying its release.

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